Donation to Shelter or Rescue

Donation to Shelter or Rescue

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For only $10, donate an Emergency Leash to a shelter or rescue of your choosing*! Free Shipping included!

Select from our list of verified organizations or provide the name of your favorite. We’ll send an Emergency Leash under your name, or anonymously if you would prefer. You’ll receive a digital receipt for your donation.

With each package, we include a letter explaining what they are receiving and why.

“Dear German Shepherd Rescue,

Mrs. Jane Doe from Salt Lake City, UT (OR “An Anonymous Supporter”) donated an Emergency Leash to your organization because of the worthwhile services you provide to animals in need. We sincerely hope you can put this dual-purpose pet safety product to use!

Kindest Regards,

Emergency Leash Donation Department"

*All organizations must be vetted prior to shipping. If the requested organization does not fit our donation criteria, the order will be canceled and refunded.