What is an Emergency Leash?

The Emergency Leash is always ready to Serve and Protect. It is a strong and compact retractable leash and ID tag that’s designed to stay on your pet’s collar. When you are caught in a situation where you need a leash but for whatever reason you don’t have one handy, the Emergency Leash will be there ready to help, protect and re-unite at all times.


Strong Cord
Strong and Flexible Cord

The Emergency Leash uses a 25 inch length of Kevlar™ cord, which is just long enough for a taller person to stand in an upright position while comfortably walking a tea-cup sized dog.

Size of Emergency Leash next to a US quarter
Engineered Small and Strong

Measuring only 1 1/4 inches by 1 1/4 inches, the Emergency Leash is very tiny, and weighing less than a 1/3 ounce, it’s light enough to be “comfortably” and continuously worn by the smallest pets 24/7, yet still strong enough to control the largest of pets.

Photo of the leash control mechanism
Manually Operated Thumb-Wheel

Emergency Leash allows reliable re-winding of the cord, and the ability to lock it at variable lengths. Self-retracting leashes can get jammed up with dirt and grime which can cause their recoiling mechanisms to fail, and their non-locking designs allow the pet to come back and forth at will, preventing reliable user control.

Photo of the leash lock button
Release and Lock Button

The Emergency Leash’s lock button prevents the leash from accidentally deploying its cord, and allows the user to adjust and to lock-in the length of cord they wish to use.

Photo of back leash information
Laser Etched Information

The info on Emergency Leash is laser etched into the plastic, so it's there to stay. Decals, stickers and silk screening were all tested and all eventually failed to last. No outside elements or pet scratching can remove laser etching, because the black colored letters/numbers are burnt and recessed into the plastic.

Photo of Pet Reuniting Service
Free Reuniting Services

Each Emergency Leash comes with a unique ID tag for reuniting lost pet(s) with their owner as well as a Toll-Free Lost Pet Reporting number. Create FREE pet(s) profile(s).


Map of shelter locations

Send alerts to local shelters and rescues within a 15 mile radius from where the pet was last seen. *Premium subscription required.

Screenshot of a pet profile page

Post important information and pictures of your pet(s).

Example image of a pet poster

Create FREE Lost and Found Fliers for your pet.