Emergency Leash Features:


Engineered Small and Strong

Emergency Leash is a strong, but small and light leash, and is able to control the largest dogs while still being comfortable for ALL sized pets to wear 24/7.



All pet tracking information is laser etched and recessed into the leash's case to protect it from harsh outdoor elements or pet scratching. To ensure durability and reliability, Emergency Leash is constructed from the strongest and lightest materials, like woven Kevlar cord, 7075 aircraft quality Billet Aluminum, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic and Stainless Steel.


Reliable User Control

You select how much leash you need by pressing down and holding the lock button. Once you release the lock button, no further leash will dispense until the lock button is pressed again. The Emergency Leash stays in secure and locked positions. Emergency Leash is not a self-retracting leash, and won't deploy by itself.

Furry Friends From Instagram

happy pet owners

To Emergency Leash Co, Thank You!. What I love about this company is not just the product but the community behind it. Just so you will know my dog Ranger is super active and wears his leash all the time! He goes swimming and fetching everyday. He also loves to hop fences and getting out of the property so the Emergency Leash comes in handy.

Yesenia F.

I just wanted to thank you for offering such a life-saving product. I ordered one for Luke after he ran away one day. I didn't think to grab my leash, I was just trying to catch him. I was afraid to go back for it for fear of losing sight of him and not knowing where to look for him. I chased him through the city and he almost got hit by a car a couple times. A stranger was able to catch him for me. I was hot, exhausted, and could barely breathe. I had to carry Luke all the way home, and it wasn't a pleasant trip. A 17 lb dog starts to feel like a 170 lb dog after a while. With the emergency leash, I'll never have to go through that again.

Kristal G. from Facebook

The leash does feel very strong when I walk my 92-pound dog with it short distances. Sometimes I get nervous using such a tiny cord but it seems to perform flawlessly!  I think this is a great product and I plan to carry it on my keys or in my car to use if we come across a loose dog.


I just love my leash. It has changed my life and Odie’s. Odie has worn a leash about as long as I have had him. It was a tiny 18” lead but now with the EL Odie is able to walk freely without anything tagging along. Its a game changer for blind dogs and any dog that needs help getting around.

Alicia & Odie @Odieseyes

Just got our and they are on the dogs already. My Rotti loves to help herd cows but sometimes needs to stay by my side, now I don't have to search for a piece of baling twine.

Kelly A. from Facebook

I ordered two of these a couple weeks ago. I wasn't expecting to use them so soon, but I got a call from my neighbor yesterday that one of my boys was loose in the neighborhood! I grabbed his favorite treats and took off after him. We were 3 blocks from the house when I finally caught him, and I was SO GLAD he was wearing a leash! It worked great, and was perfectly comfortable and secure enough to walk him home. I'm a huge fan!

Savannah K. from Facebook

When we took our dogs to Bass Pro, Bailey jumped out of the cart chasing after the fish. We used her emergency leash and were able to "Reel her in"

Matthew H. from Facebook

Just used it today for first time.. when my 120 lb Golden wandered out of yard. Worked perfectly!

Jane C. from Facebook

I have had to use this leash already, unfortunately, because of fireworks over this past weekend. But it worked well and I feel so much better now that he has this. Between the whistle gps and this emergency leash, I finally feel like I have all my bases covered in case of fireworks or thunder.

Morgan S. - Happy Pet Owner

The Leash That's Always There For Your Best Friend