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How It Works

The Emergency Leash is always ready to Serve and Protect. It is a strong and compact retractable leash and ID tag that's designed to stay on your pet's collar. When you are caught in a situation where you need a leash but for what ever reason you don't have one handy, the Emergency Leash will be there ready to help, protect and re-unite at all times.

How does it work?

Attach the hook to the collar's D-ring (usually where a regular leash would attach).

In an emergency, take hold of the Emergency Leash on your pet's collar and push the lock button to deploy the leash to the desired length. Now the Emergency Leash is in your hand, allowing you to have full control of your pet. After the need for your Emergency Leash has passed, press and hold the lock button which enables the thumb wheel to rewind the cord. Make sure the hook is secure in the leash’s body and now your Emergency Leash is ready until the next time it's needed.**
"Emergency Handled!"

How Lost & Found works?

Emergency Leash has a unique way to reunite you with your loved one using our free pet reuniting service. Laser-etched into each Emergency Leash is a discrete and unique identification number. Using that number, register your leash at on our website. You can include as much or as little information as you wish. When someone finds your pet, they can simply and quickly follow the instructions located on the Emergency Leash's face to quickly notify you as to your pet's whereabouts.

Pet Reuniting Service Features:


  • Each leash contains a Unique ID# that is connected to your pet's profile. The finder can use the Toll-Free Phone # or our website to reunite your missing pet.
  • Detailed Pet Profile will contain important information about your pet such as breed, microchip ID, veterinary, pictures, your contact information, and more. *Privacy options are available.
  • Save time and let us automatically create your missing pet's posters. Contains cut out tabs on the bottom with your contact information!
  • Send alerts to nearest shelters & rescues from where your pet was last seen. Print out a list of shelters and rescues to follow up with them. Share your missing pet information to your friends and family to your social media pages.
  • When someone finds your missing pet, they can share their location (using their phone's built-in GPS) on our website and be notified right away!

Is the cord strong enough to control the largest pet?

Emergency Leash's cord strength far exceeds the strongest person's grip. It's cord is made of Kevlar™ and is 5X the strength of steel. Law enforcement and military agencies worldwide depend on life-saving Kevlar body armor. Check out our strength test video below.

Why is the Emergency Leash so small?

Over the last four years, the Emergency Leash went through dozens of prototype revisions before finally becoming the durable, reliable, compact, and strong product it is today. We wanted the leash small enough that a tiny dog could wear it 24/7 and yet strong enough to control the largest of pets. After all, what good is a leash if it breaks?

Why is it non-rewinding?

Reliability was a critical factor in the design of the Emergency Leash. Nearly 18 months went into designing and testing a self-winding version. Initially, it worked well but quickly the winding mechanism became clogged with dirt, hair, and grime. We attempted different versions but they all met the same fate. It was clear we needed a winding mechanism that would work reliably in the most severe conditions. We accomplished this by using a manually rewinding high-torque thumb wheel.

Will it work with all existing collars?

The Emergency Leash is designed to work with all different collars, including chain slip, metal prong, martingale, harness, and everyday strap-type collars.

Can the cord be locked at different lengths?

Yes! It’s designed to allow the deployment of just enough cord to keep ultimate control over the pet. There is enough cord in the Emergency Leash for a taller person to stand completely upright and comfortably walk with their small pet. Less cord can be deployed so that a large pet’s movement can be restricted for desired control. Remember, the Emergency Leash is intended to help protect your pet when there are unsafe circumstances and was designed to be used when a regular leash is unavailable.

The total length of the cord is 28" long. It’s designed that way to accommodate the majority of size combinations and needs for both humans and pets. A very tall person, using all 28” of the cord can walk a very small dog without needing to bend.

**When finished using the Emergency Leash, It is very important to learn how to properly wind and secure the hook into the casing. See video below for instructions