Emergency Leash

Emergency Leash

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*144 Unit case pricing available upon request.


The Emergency Leash is a compact leash (it's just a little bigger than a quarter) that easily clips on your dog’s collar and stays there until it's needed. The strongest dog can't break it. See strength test videos below:

Dog Pulling Emergency Leash
  Strength Testing Emergency Leash Video

In fact, it's 28” Kevlar™ cord is 5X the strength of steel! The Emergency Leash is small enough to be comfortably worn by the tiniest dogs yet strong enough to control the largest dogs!

(Yes, we went there)

Every Emergency Leash Comes with a FREE Lost & Found Pet Reuniting Service. Each leash is engraved with a unique number allowing you to register your pet online. If lost, the Emergency Leash website can notify nearby shelters with your pet page's information and can print lost & found posters quickly. Most importantly, someone finding your pet can easily get your best friend back to you.

• Always on your pet's collar and ready to use.
Safety First - The lock button ensures the cord won’t deploy until you want it to This is not an auto-rewind leash. See video below:
Emergency Leash Non-Automatic Deployment Video

• One Year Limited Warranty
• FREE Shipping for ALL U.S Orders

    Leash Laws

    Dog owners could get a citation for violating their city's leash law.
    Most cities require dogs to be safely under the control of it’s owner and on a leash at all times.



    Engineered Small and Strong

    Emergency Leash is a strong, but small and light leash, and is able to control the largest dogs while still being comfortable for ALL sized pets to wear 24/7.

    Reliable User Control

    You select how much leash you need by pressing down and holding the lock button. Once you release the lock button, no further leash will dispense until the lock button is pressed again. The Emergency Leash stays in secure and locked positions. Emergency Leash is not a self-retracting leash, and won't deploy by itself.


    All pet tracking information is laser etched and recessed into the leash's case to protect it from harsh outdoor elements or pet scratching. To ensure durability and reliability, Emergency Leash is constructed from the strongest and lightest materials, like woven Kevlar cord, 7075 aircraft quality Billet Aluminum, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic and Stainless Steel.

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